What are some problems with post consumer waste paper?



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    I don’t know that there are really many problems with the paper itself, it is about as sturdy as, and behaves the same as paper made from virgin fibers.  Generally using post-consumer products like paper and recycled plastics is a good thing, and reducing the need to cut down trees to make more paper is great.  I suppose one “problem” if you would call it that is that because we like our paper to be white, many paper product recycling factories bleach the paper pulp, which adds another step and chemical that would not be necessary if we just accept brown paper towels and slightly offwhite notebook paper.

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    A lot of paper products that are labeled as “recycled” are misleading, as they contain a miniscule amount of post-consumer material.  Paper accounts for 40 percent of our garbage in landfills.  It is important that consumers demand higher contents of post-consumer wastepaper in recycled paper products.

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