What are some problems of American logging?



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    American logging has been going on since before America was even a soverign nation! Because of our nation’s rich log resources, places have been stripped bare of their natural forests. For example, after the great Chicago fire of 1871, almost the entire state of Michigan was cleaned out of wood to help rebuild the city. Logging now presents an environmental problem, because trees and huge natural forests help filter out carbon dioxide from the air. Without these forests, the climate can suffer greatly. Animals also suffer from logging- many species of animals rely on the American forests as their home, and are forced out once a forest is cut down for logs.

    The logging industry in general is not without its problems either. The mills where the logs go once they are chopped down pollute the air and the trucks carrying the logs to the mill also pollute. There are many different industries that logs are used in, and one can find some sort of problem in each of these industries.

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    The logging industry does not always take into account the health of the forest. It can be healthy to thin a forest out, removing trees one at a time. However, the logging industry often makes clean sweep cuts, cutting down every single tree in an area which can seriously damage the forest. Unfortunately, “healthy” logging which removes one tree at a time takes longer and is more expensive. Consumers may find wood from this type of logging difficult to find or too expensive.

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