What are some of the problems of Al Gore?



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    He’s probably doing all right for himself since he’s earned billions of dollars off investments he made in the development of Smart Grid technology.  He does face public image problems in certain circles though because people have criticized him for financially benefitting from climate change and his campaign to combat it.  Additionally, Gore has been called a hypocrite because his 2006 utility bills showed that his household used over 190,000 kilowatt hours that year while the average Nashville household only used 15,000 kwh.

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    One of his biggest problems is that the election was stolen from him in the year 2000.  The current state of the environment would be much different if there had been a fair election.  The supreme court of Florida effectively spoke on behalf of 300 million Americans.  Is that democratic? I think not. Also, Democrats would be talking a lot more about climate change than they are now. 

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