What are some pretty plants that do well in a hot dry climate?



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    Since pretty is a subjective term, your best bets for a desert climate would be to look for desert wildflowers. However, it would help to keep in mind that cacti, particularly ones that bear fruit, also often flower with some interesting and pretty flowers, so it might be worth checking out certian cacti that will bloom and provide fruit.

    I hope this helped!

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    Most cacti and succulents will do well in a fairly hot climate. Some of my favorites green plants are mare’s tail, spider plants, and wandering Jew, which all do well in a Southern California home. If you want a flowering plant, then I would recommend the Protea plant. It was originally from the middle east/ north african areas, and is a beautiful, beautiful bush plant with huge flowers. The best thing about protea is that you can give the flowers as gifts, just cut them off, give them a bit of sugar water, and they’ll stay fresh looking for weeks!

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    Jasmine plant and citrus trees smell fabulous and do so well in hot, dry climates! Ruella is a purple plant that blooms in spring and fall….the blossoms bloom and die each day, so every morning you see a new bloom and by nighttime it’s fading into the next life cycle! fascinating.  Desert Larkspur and Oleander are also beatiful plants that tolerate arid regions.

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    There were some beautiful arid-climate plants put by my home not to long ago. A very pretty one was the coral yucca plant, which has a long stem and produces a flower that has an orange-red color. Another is the desert sage, which produces small purple flowers all around. A nice flower-bearing tree for arid/desert areas is a hybrid crape myrtle tree, which produces small red buds that appear all over the tree in bloom. All these plants require little water and grow great in a lot of sunlight, which is typical of dry climates.

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