What are some practical strategies to reduce greenhouse gas?



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    I’m not sure if you mean reduce gas, or gas emissions. But there are a lot of ways to reduce emissions. Walking or biking instead of driving and consolidate driving trips for maximum gas efficiency. Changing the products in your home (from light bulbs to dishwashers) to energy efficient products, using reusable bags when going to the supermarket are some techniques. Below is a link to many more in-depth strategies.

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    70% of oil consumption in the US is in the transportation sector; to use less oil and reduce associated emissions, drive A LOT less.

    65% of electricity in the US is generated by burning coal and natural gas; to use less of them and reduce their associated emissions, use a lot less electricity.

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    A lot of people use bicycles or other means of transportation since most greenhouse gases come from conventional vehicles. Some places are beginning to create more bike routes and places such as Copenhagen, Denmark are even creating bike cultures. In Austin there are multiple bike routes and a lot of people use bicycles as their means of transportation. Therefore, alternative ways of transportation and not constantly using a conventional car would be very practical.

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