What are some positive and/or hopeful aspects about the Gulf spill?



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    Hopefully, now that we’ve seen the worst case scenario in an accident that took place in an area that can’t be covered up, we can actually look into how we regulate these companies. It’s a sad fact that often a disaster has to happen in order to open up the public’s eyes, but maybe eyes will be open now.

    I hope this helped!

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    It has gotten a lot of people thinking and talking about the issues that face our world.  They have also recently capped the well, this means that they have designed an emergency cap that should be made “standard” for all sizes of oil wells.  Which means if this sort of thing happens again, they should have the tools on hand to stop it before it becomes catastrophic.  

    My hope is that the tragedy can propel us to further our recent into alternative, renewable energies and take us out of our dirty shell of ignorance and resistance to change.


    fingers crossed

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