What are some popular sources of clean energy?



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    There are a lot of different sources of green energy—wind and solar power are the two most commonly recognized as having an extremely small impact on the environment relative to other kinds of energy such as burning coal. Wind power is very clean and sustainable and it doesn’t produce toxins or greenhouse gases. By installing windmills in geographically-appropriate places, we are able to use the power of the wind whipping across the landscape to generate power. Solar power is another great, extremely low impact way of capturing energy. Solar energy is a huge resource that, unlike water, is inexhaustible on earth. Using solar panels to collect energy, designing buildings to take advantage of passive solar heating, and using solar heat collectors are all great ways to take advantage of this indefatigable resource.

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    In addition to the well-taken points in the other answer, wind and solar energy do require mining for their physical components, including things like neodymium in wind turbine motors, indium, gallium, and selenium in solar panels, and commonplace things like copper, plus iron (and chromium when stainless steel is involved), aluminum, and more.

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    Another great resource that can be used by people and cities on the coast is wave energy. This is a new idea that has really only been tried in Europe, but the idea is growing in the United States as well. Pacific Gas and Electric just stopped a five year pilot program for wave energy off the coast of Humboldt. The only reason this was stopped was because it was becoming too expensive. There are a lot of permits to buy to keep a wave energy project running, and a lot of groups in Humboldt to appease. This would be a great idea, if the technology was less expensive. Maybe they will try again in a few years!


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