What are some popular green jobs?



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    Green jobs in California have been on the rise, growing 3 percent in one year alone, compared to 1 percent in total employment growth. The jobs there have involved energy storage, energy generation, and clean transportation. Around the United States some fast growing green jobs have been solar power installation, green architects, and working with wind turbines.

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    This article http://www.fastcompany.com/articles/2009/01/best-green-jobs.html lists the ten best green jobs for the next decade. These are jobs that not only help the environment, but are expecting growth in the coming years. The list includes farmer, forester, solar power installer, energy efficiency builder, wind turbine fabricator, conservation biologist, entrepreneur, recycler, sustainability systems developer, and urban planner.

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    I’ll also add green retail, such as bike shops and other stores that sell green products.

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