What are some popular cars in China?



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    The Wuling Sunshine Minivan was claimed to be a top seller in 2007. Over 460,000 of them are sold annually. The van costs $3,700 and goes up to 60 mph.

    Chery is also a popular car brand in China, and the Buick van is a now a status symbol for companies.

    In the first half of 2006, fuel-efficient cars with low emissions made up half of the top 10 best selling vehicles. Xiali vehicles were number one on the list of popular low-emission cars.

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    Many of the cars that are popular in China are exclusive to the country and are probably cars that the average American wouldn’t know of. Many of these cars could make their way to America, but they haven’t yet. Here is a link to a list of the top 10 cars in China.

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