What are some plants that grow in the Sahara desert?



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    while the hot, dry climate of the Sahara desert makes it inhopsitable to most plants, there are a few that are particularly well adapted to a dry environment, known as xerophytes, that can survive there.  Some examples are: the African Welwitchsia, which relies on extremely long roots to draw up water from deep below the surface; the African Peyote Cactus, whose thick skin and narrow leaves help it retain water in hot, dry weather; the Date Palm and Doum Palm, Thyme, and Magaria.  Also, along the Northern edge, where the weather is less severe, olive trees are abundant.

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    Plants that grow in the Sahara are adapted for tolerating drought conditions (xerophytes) and high salinity (halophytes), however orange trees do grow in the Sahara, commonly found near an oasis. Other vegetation includes olive trees, fig trees, thyme, and the African Peyote Cactus.

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