What are some plants that do really well in cold weather?



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    As long as the ground isn’t frozen, there is a number of plants and flowers that can grow in cold weather. The following sites list various plants and flowers. Some of these are Dust Miller, Larkspur, and Calendulas. If you want perennials, try planting winter pansy, ivy, and forget-me-nots. 

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    It doesn’t seem that any plants thrive when the ground is frozen, but a number of plants are designed to grow well in cold climates.  Common annuals that grow well are Ornamental Cabbage and Kale, Snapdragons, Dust Miller, Larkspur, Asters, Calendulas, Dianthus.  Common perennials that grow well in cold climates are Shirley Poppies, Winter Pansy, Ivy, Rudbeckia, Primrose, Chrysanthemums and Forget-Me-Not.

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    This is easy.  Look someplace cold and see what naturally grows there.  You probably don’t live in the tundra.  You probably live in a deciduous forest or even a borderline taiga if you’re in Canada or someplace way up north.  Evergreen/conifer trees are the largest vegetation adapted to really cold climates.  Start with pine, spruce, hemlock, and fir trees.  Some broadleaf trees like birch, poplar, aspen, willow, and alder can also handle pretty cold conditions and a fair amount of snow.  These are the plants Mother Nature made for cold climates.  For your understory, maybe wild roses, blueberry bushes, cranberry bushes will like it there.  If you’re living in someplace like Illinois, no, that doesn’t count as really really cold.  🙂

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    Plants that grow on the tundra are ones that do well in short, cold growing seasons. Lichens, mosses, sedges, and dwarfed shrubs, including heaths, birches, and willows all grow in the tundra biome. Generally they grow low to the ground, where they are out of the wind and are able to preserve warmth, and are dwarf varieties, as the short growing season and tough environment don’t allow plants to grow very large.

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