What are some plants that are high in water content?



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    Succulents are plants that have enlarged roots, stems, or leaves, which allows them to store large amounts of water. Succulents can survive well in deserts or other arid environments where rainfall may be scarce. Some types of succulents are cactus, aloe, yucca, agave, ragwort, geranium, gourd, amarylis, and hyacinth.

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    Any plant that can be found in a tropical rainforest type of climate is adapted to holding alot of moisture being that they in an area that receives alot of rain. Some examples of these types of plants are: the Bengal Bamboo, Bougainvillea, Curare, Coconut Tree, Durian, Jambu, Kapok Tree, Strangler Figs, and the Tualang.

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