What are some plants that are dangerous to eat?



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    Here are two websites with lists on dangerous plants. Some familiar ones include daffodils and mistletoes.

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    This is a page that lists various common plants that have toxic qualities. For the most part, you should be cautious of plants you are unsure of – always ask or check if they are edible. Below are a few more similar lists. 

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    The U.S. Department of Agriculture provides reports of poisonous plants. Below is a list of some of these and the toxins they contain.

    *Hemp dogbane: Cardiac glycoside

    *Tansy ragwort: Hepatotoxic and pyrrolizidine alkaloids.

    *Locoweed: Neurotoxins and myotoxins

    *Chokecherry: Cyanide or prussic acid

    *Greasewood: Oxalates

    *Brom snakeweed: Abortifacient toxins

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