What are some plants and animals that are poisonous, but still have edible parts for humans?



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    There are a couple plants that have both poisonous and edible parts. One of the most dangerous plants i think is mistletoe. Besides being a holiday favorite, the berries on this plant are extremely poisonous. One plant that is eaten a lot in rhubarb. The stalks are used often for delicious pies and the like, but the leaves are moderately poisonous. 

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    There are many poisonous animals that can still be eaten. Venomous snakes, for instance, store their venom in one particular spot. Remove it and you have a meal.

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    Some other poisonous foods we eat regularly are apples, cherries, almonds and tomatoes.  The seeds of apples, cherries, and almonds contain cyanide, while the leaves and stems of the tomato plant contain a chemical called “Glycoalkaloid” which causes extreme nervousness and stomach upsets. 

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    The pufferfish contains high levels of tetrodotoxin, which can cause respiratory distress and even death.  It is also eaten in Japan, where it is known as fugu.

    In order to feature fugu on its menu, a restaurant must have a license and a licensed chef trained to carefully trim away the highly toxic parts of the fish, such as the skin, the liver and other organs.

    Eating the fish produces a unique tingling sensation in the mouth, which has helped turn it into a popular delicacy.

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