What are some permanent environmental affects of the Vietnam war?



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    Virtually nothing is “permanent” – on geological time scales, or even a few thousand years, most anything that happens to the earth is nearly eradicated and/or returned to its previous condition. On human scales, and in the 35-year time frame since the Viet Nam war, there are many impacts. See the links for a few.

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    There are millions of infertile crates in Vietnamese land, as well as still unexploded bombs and mines. Millions of acres of land were destroyed during the war, reducing their long-term fecundity, although more forest has been destroyed since the war than during it due to deforestation. Agent Orange still manifests itself in birth defects, and the populations of many animal species have decreased often to the point of extinction, although this hasn’t been extensively studied.

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    Dioxin pollution across the landscape from, “Agent Orange Defoliant”.
    Dioxin causes birth defects and cancer. This toxin has and contines to exist in large quantities across the landscape. I have attached a documentary detailing the effects of this toxin.

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