What are some other species of fish that have been hurt by the over fishing of the tuna populations?



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    Tuna are relatively high on the food chain. Sharks prey upon tuna, so as numbers decrease they have less food to eat. Tiger sharks, Great White Sharks, hammerheads, and reef sharks are some of the shark species which eat tuna. Coral Reef ecosystems depend on sharks for stability. Tuna eat many kinds of fish ranging in size from 1.5 to 6 inches and some crustaceans. They eat squid, skipjack, flying fish, puffer fish, triggerfish, lancetfish, young sturgeon, rabbitfish, and crab larvae to name a few. In the absence of tuna, these species could increase in number and deplete populations of their prey. The exact effect of tuna depletion is not known; it is more of a mathematical prediction as there is not very much data on this subject. 

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