What are some other countries that have a lot of coal?



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    The US is second in coal consumption to china who are the only countries above 1,000,000,000 pounds per year. Australia,greece,north korea, south africa use the most per person.

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    The top countries with proven coal reserves according to a BP review are Romania in the number 1 spot followed by Australia and China. Turkey and Hungary round out the top 5 with the US ranked at 10.

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    Note that the nationmaster charts often play fast and loose with units, and they are also typically out of date and often have flat-out major errors. The reference in one answer to 1 billion pounds a year should be 1 million TONS a year (USA is just a bit over; China is at about 3.4 billion tons consumed in 2009).

    The suggestion that Romania has the most coal reserves is just flat-out wrong – no where near the top, which is the US. Romania comes in at about #34. Of the others mentioned in the other answer for reserves, only Ausralia and China are among the top 5. Russia is #2 after the US, China is #3, Australia is #4, India is #5, then South Africa, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. I don’t know where they made their data up from, but it’s wrong.

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