What are some organizations that are helping save whales?



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    Campaign Whale (2011) is a nonprofit organization whose mission revolves around improving the overall well-being and habitats of whales and other cetaceans. Whales Alive (2011) is another nonprofit that is committed to protecting whales and celebrating their lives. This agency has special youth programs for whale education and they also do alot of research specifically on marine mammal conservation.

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    Save the Whales, founded in 1977, helps whales and other marine life through education. Sea Shepherd, also founded in 1977, is an international non-profit org. striving to conserve marine wildlife by taking action against the slaughter of wildlife in the oceans and the destruction of marine habitat. BlueVoice.org is also conservation organization fighting to stop the slaughter of dolphins and whales. 

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    Whale Watch is a network of several organizations that work to end whaling. Their work ranges from supporting international groups to producing the “first ever report on whale killing methods and the inherent welfare problems of modern day whaling activities.” The focus of the group is the intense suffering that whales go through when they are hunted, and the claim that there is no reasonably humane way to kill a whale.

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