What are some organic vinyards?



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    There are so many wineries and vineyards that are moving toward a more a more environmentally friendly approach. One that claims to go “beyond organic” is the Jacuzzi Vineyards and Cline Cellars. The are a family owned and run business. They do not use pesticides and they have solar panels used to create energy.

    Here is a link that will connect you to an article written about the vineyard and a video with Fred Cline about how they go “beyond organic.”

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    Benziger’s vinyards and wines in Sonoma are certified sustainable, organic or biodynamic.  I tasted there in December and the wines are delicous.  It is also nice to know that they use sustainable farming practices and there is information about it all over their tasting room.

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    One American vineyard (Frey’s Winery, cited below) claims to run the first organic winery with a demonstrated commitment to sustainable grape farming (a tricky and costly business, but one which Frey’s manages with minimal losses because of their innovative soil recycling and composting methods).

    Also, Frey’s were the first to perfect and offer certified “biodynamic wines”, wines made with alternative fermenting processes that eliminate sulfites from the finished wine. 

    And for all that, the wine still manages to be really tasty and affordable!

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    King Estate Oregon Wines is very passionate about organic farming, as is Cooper Vineyards (which calls itself “Organic and Biodynamic”).

    I recommend looking for local wineries in your area and asking them if they produce organic products. Your environmental impact wil be lessened if you choose local products.

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