What are some organic farms that will allow you to volunteer for them?



  1. jet
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    There are many! A great program is WWOOFing. You work on an organic farm (find specifics on the website below) and are given room and board in exchange. It’s a wonderful oppertunity if you want to travel. 

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    A lot of farms are willing to make room for those wanting to help out. Many time organic farms are run on a smaller scale and small scale business’s often thrive off of contributions from people wanting and willing to spend time helping out. Jet’s suggestion of getting involved with WWOOFing sounds great.

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    If you’re looking for less of a time commitment that WWOOFing, one good way to get in contact with some local organic farmers would be to go to a local farmer’s market and talk to the farmers selling there.

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    Look for CSA farms.  CSA, Community Supported Agriculture, is a great way to get the community involved in supporting local farmers.  These farms are typically small, local, and organic.  The farmers will give community members a box of produce each week while the growing season is in effect.  In exchange, the community members who participate purchase “shares” from the farmer.  Some CSAs will allow a person to work for their food, rather than purchasing shares, or some combination of each.  One can help the farmer when it comes time to harvest and in exchange take home the produce that they picked.  See the citation below for some advantages of CSAs.

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