What are some organic cat food brands?



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    There’s Blue Organics, By Nature: Organics, Castor and Pollox: Organix, Evanger’s, Natura, Natural Planet’s Organics, Newman’s Own Organics, and Raw Advantage to name a few.  Here is a great website that is all about owning a cat and taking care of it in an environmentally friendly way: http://www.greenlittlecat.com/?p=20  They also talk about organic cat litter as well as food. 

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    The first link below has a list of organic cat food  brands and comparisons between each brand.

    I also included a link to how to make organic cat food yourself, if nothing else satisfies your cat’s needs.

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    I’ve included additional links – the first one is a review of top rated organic cat food brands, while the second one is another guide on how to make your own organic cat food.

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