What are some online stores that sell cheap organic clothing?



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    It can be difficult to find inexpensive organic clothing because right now organic everything still comes at a premium.  When asked why they didn’t purchase organic food, 70% of shoppers said that price played a major role.  Unfortunately as we stand now, organic items are not yet part of mainstream society enough so that producers can start the game of competing with each other, thereby reducing the costs of our favorite organic items.  That being said, economists hypothesize that if 1/3 of the population would choose organic options at the grocery store that prices would start to decrease to more normal levels.  

    That being said, simply buying organic will help the prices (eventually) go down … so start shopping! 

    Another way to help reduce your costs is to go to the manufacturer of your favorite line and ask for coupons.  Even if not advertised, they will often give them out to customers when asked. 

    In addition to the links that beth1234 mentions above, Fashion & Earth has beautiful organic clothing at relatively low prices (http://www.fashionandearth.com/us/). 

    Simple Shoes (http://www.simpleshoes.com/) is a great site for organic footwear.

    Fair Trade (http://www.fairindigo.com/) is another site for clothing.

    ***One thing to keep in mind when shopping.  Many items are labeled as sustainable or natural which is not the same thing as organic.  You can contact the manufacturer (or store owner) for more information on how the item was made exactly.

    ***Also, often times sustainable or natural items are often cheaper than fully certified organic.  This can be a great way to slowly convert your wardrobe to a more natural look and feel but without dropping the dough necessary for fully organic clothing.

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