What are some oil spill facts?

Please list multipls facts! (If possible, 1 or 2 is ok to!)



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    Oil spills wreak havoc on the natural wildlife for the ecosystem in which they occur.  The oil is toxic to animals, it coats birds and mammals feathers and fur and can lead to them dying of hypothermia.  The oil is lighter than water so it will float on top, be carried by currents and becomes very hard to clean up.

    Here is a list of 9 more interesting facts (including those involving a nuclear bomb, Kevin Costner, sea turtles, and Cuba.

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    The recent Gulf Oil spill is the largest in US history. Officials say that the spill has leaked 19 million gallons of oil over the past five weeks. The second largest spill was the Exxon Valdez in 1989.

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