What are some new jobs that will be created if we switch to renewable energy?



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    A new report has found that switching to renewable forms of electricity and phasing out coal would create 2.7 million new jobs.

    The report suggested that a total of 11.3 million people could be working in the electricity sector and in related efficiency businesses by 2030 if governments phased out fossil fuels and invested in alternatives. Without those changes, 8.6 million people would be working in the electricity sector, the authors said — adding that the coal industry, which currently employs about 4.7 million people globally, already was on track to contract by 1.4 million jobs even without the transformation the groups called for.

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    Jobs in every major sector of the economy will be created with the adoption of renewable energy sources: Accounting/Finance, Administrative, Architecture, Business Development, Construction & Facilities, Consulting, Corporate Management, Transportation & Logistics Customer Service, Economics, Education & Training, Engineering & Design, Field Operations, Human Resources, Information Technology, Property & Real Estate Legal, Manufacturing, Medical & Healthcare, Operations, Process & Quality, Project Management, Trading Research & Development, Safety & Environment, Sales & Marketing, Service & Maintenance, Support Services, Telecommunications. For a database of specific jobs that are opening up every day in renewable energy fields such as solar, wind, and hydroelectric power, check out this website:

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