What are some natural/organic brands of soap?



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    You can actually make your own organic soap. It does require patience and some tools, but once you get started it is easier to continue to do so.

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    John Masters Organics makes eco-friendly, organic, vegan soaps and body washes, among other body/hair care products.

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    A place to find extremely eco-friendly soap is Just Soap. They make certified orgaic soap and shampoo. It is biodegradable and cruelty-free. In order to stir the product, the company uses a human powered bike instead of a non-green factory.

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    You can always make your own. I have never done that, however you can also buy them. Burt’s Bees has natural soap available and that’s always a trusted brand. South of France is also another brand with minimal packaging – another plus for our environment. Checking Etsy is also another great way to buy organic soap! 🙂

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