What are some natural ways to treat anxiety?



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    All of the previous answers I completely agree with but one thing that always helps me is SLEEP! I realize that this may be difficult to do if you are feeling anxious, but try drinking some bedtime tea and taking a hot bath or shower, then put some earplugs in and go to sleep without setting an alarm. Everything looks better (and more clear!) after a good nights sleep.

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    St. John’s Wort is used to treat anxiety. It is normally administered in campsule form and is easily available from herbal stores. Look into side effects before taking it because there are potential contraindications. Kava Kava is also used as a tea for anxiety, especially social anxiety. I have had the tea with a few people when we were playing a board game and I feel that it really relaxed all of us. Plus, Kava Kava definitely helps with insomnia and it has a nice cinammon taste!

    St. John’s Wort Reference: Physician’s Desk Reference, Second Edition, 2000.

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