What are some natural ways to relieve sunburn pain?



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    One main way is to apply aloe vera gel to the skin.  It has a cooling and healing effect.  You can also use vinegar compresses that are thought to draw heat out of the skin.  You’d need to use a half-water, half-vinegar solution.

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    There are many natural sunburn remedies. For a full review, refer to the link below, but I’ll summarize the articles suggestions. Floral water spray are said to cool the skin well; lavender and chamomile water sprays were highlighted as particularly soothing. Drinking lots of water helps to rehydrate the skin. Aloe vera (as krich11 suggested) is also mentioned as  very effective. Emu oli and tree oil are also a good natural remedy with natural vitamins that restore the skin. You could also place tea bags (allow them to seep and then let them cool before applying to your burns). Taking a bath with oatmeal powder soothes the skin and helpful in alleviating sunburn pains. 

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    A few natural remedies to help alleviate the pain associated with sunburn include adding a few tablespoons of baking soda to cool bathwater before soaking, applying cool compresses to the burned areas of skin, and every so often, cooling off the skin with a cold water bath. It is important to note that staying hydrated and moisturizing are two important things to do when afflicted with sunburn.  

    Another less conventional method involves blending two potatoes into liquid and placing the paste on the burned areas of skin. When the potatoes are dry, take a cool shower. 

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