What are some natural ways to improve sleep?



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    I usually have trouble sleeping if I don’t have any exercise during the day. I find that I’m restless and can’t seem to doze off. Working out for a few hours a day usually helps me fall asleep fairly easily. Also, having a regular sleeping schedule can help too. If you find yourself sleeping in one day and not sleeping the next, then try to balance this out. Also make sure you watch your caffine intake. 

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    Here are a few easy tips to catch up on that ever so important shut-eye:

    Sleep in complete, or as close to as possible, darkness.  Even the smallest little bit of light coming through your windows or even a bright clock radio can disrupt your pineal gland’s production of serotonin and melatonin.

    Keep your bedroom no higher than 70 degrees fahrenheit.  I know that personally I am guaranteed a night of restlessness and poor sleep if the temperature is too high.  As you fall asleep, your body’s internal temperature will drop to it’s lowest leve, after about four hours, so scientists think that sleeping in a cooler room will aid your body to mimic it’s own internal processes.

    A couple things to think about before you hit the bed each night:

    Try to establish a routine sleep schedule, at least to within a couple hours, where you may have a window from 10pm until 12 am to go to bed, and try to wake up around the same time each day.  This will help your body get into a subconscious rhythm allowing you to observe a deeper, uninterrupted sleep.

    As environmichael stated, the importance of excercise is paramount.  Even being outside and taking in as much sunlight during the day as you can will help to maximize your levels of melatonin.

    If all else fails, you can certainly try a melatonin supplement.  This is a completely natural substance, produced by your body, and is linked to helping your fall asleep faster, and stay asleep, decreasing your nightly restlessness.


    These are just a handful of suggestions and if you’d like to learn more, click on the link below for a whole bunch of helpful hints!  

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    Regulating the level of light exposure that you get before sleep also helps.  Lower light levels before sleep, help to regulate your body’s biochemistry to a naturally restful state.  This is in keeping with the circadian rhythms that dictate sleeping and wakefulness in the natural world.  Drinking chamomile, catnip, kava, or other lightly sedative teas also helps.  Warming your feet before bed is also a great relaxation technique. 

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    As others have mentioned, there are some great natural supplements you can take to help with sleep. Kava tea hands down works the best for me. I like to brew it double strength and drink it slowly. Melatonin works well, as does Valerian which comes in a variety of forms (tinctures, capsules, teas…), though I have personally not had success using it—I fall asleep quickly but have panic dreams and do not sleep through the night. If you are repeatedly having trouble sleeping, changing your nighttime habits may help: you should not drink caffeinated or alcoholic drinks 4-6 hours before bed and avoid watching TV while trying to sleep. If nothing else works, reading will always make me sleepy, and it’s also a good distraction from stressing about the fact that you aren’t asleep.

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      Have a drak bedroom . and a cool bedroom. when you feel tired go to bed Do deep bearthing before going to bed when you are in bed just before you go to sleep roll your eyes around then close them and before you know it you will be a sleep .and you can have a hot bath and some tea that help some. all the best

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    A good diet and exercise can help you to sleep. Getting on a regular sleep schedule will also improve sleeping habits. I enjoyed drinking tea with Valerian root in it, or chamomile. Those helped me to relax and sleep. In addition, making sure you have a good mattress and pillow should improve sleeping habits. You can also do some relaxation exercises, like tensing your muscles from your feet all the way up (one at a time) by tensing them for 5 seconds then letting go. Breathe in while tensing and exhale. Deep breathing, relaxing music, and certain scents can help you sleep better (there are scented sleep masks, or oils you can use without worrying about burning candles!)

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