What are some natural remedies for rage/anger?


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    When I was in college I took a course on zazen Buddhism. The basic idea of zazen meditation is to breath slowly and concentrate on each breath. I like to focus on breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. This intense concentration on an otherwise subconscious bodily function puts one in a very tranquil and dispelled state. I find it very calming and it allows me to regain my composure. I am not a Buddhist by any means, but I’ve always found this exercise to be a great remedy for anger, frustration, anxiety and all the other unwanted feelings bestowed upon us mortals. Also, doing the dishes by hand or relatively mundane tasks allow you focus your energies elsewhere. I attached a link that might help.

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    Exercise helps you reduce the risk of becoming angry.  It won’t stop you from becoming very angry if there is a good reason, but it’s supposed to help you regulate your response to rage-inducing stimuli.  Basically, exercising gives you some control over your emotional response, in comparison to when you choose not to exercise, and become more easily carried away (emotionally) by things that happen in your day.

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    Meditation; take a moment to just sit down, breathe and reflect on the issues that are producing anger or rage. I usually take about thirty minutes of my day (at the end of it) and reflect on everything that has happened. I also turn on soothing music to help calm myself down. Overall, once I am done meditating any negative emotion I may have had is no longer there and I feel fine again.

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    The best way to remedy rage/anger is to prevent it. This means recognizing when you are starting to get heated and taking a moment to step out of the situation (physically or mentally) and calm down, either through deep breathing, thinking calming thoughts (chants or mantras help many people). Journaling or talking out your feelings to someone you trust can be very helpful. Also yoga will help keep you relaxed in your mind and body, allowing anger to be more easily navigated through.

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    Yoga is a good remedy for negative emotions. The breathing techniques are calming and a great way to relax while dealing with rage or anger. Yoga lowers levels of hormone neurotransmitters (dopamine, norepinephrine, and epinenephrine), which helps bring a state of calm.

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    Seek therapy to help regularly deal with rage issues before they happen.  Suppressing rage can cause serious setbacks in controlling rage attacks or dealing with emotional situations.  It can be very helpful to have another person to talk and help organize a plan for dealing with rage before and while it happens.

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    In addition to the great answers already listed, some techniques that may help abate anger include identifying what is making you angry and addressing it in some way, talking to a family member or friends about your feelings, working on breathing deeply and calming down your heart rate and lowering your blood pressure (focusing on these biological responses can also take your mind off your anger, helping it to subside), partaking in a calming or relaxing activity, and getting physical exercise. It’s important to note that if you’ve tried these techniques and are still feeling anger or rage and are having trouble dealing with these feelings, it may be time to seek the help of a professional psychologist or psychiatrist who can help you deal with your anger in healthy and constructive ways.

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    Counting to ten is a bit of a cliche, but that’s because it works! If possible try to go to another room or pull over, sometimes just removing yourself from the situation helps a lot.

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    Rage and feelings of anger are typically triggered by stress.  To remedy the sentiments, I would aim to eliminate stressors from your life.  This can be done naturally by exercising regularly, eating a healthy and balanced diet, socializing, and as mentioned previously, by meditation. 

    There are also centers that offer anger mangement courses and teach you ways to remain calm.  Some ideas include: deep breathing exercises, using a calm word (i.e. “relax”), and using imagery.  Check out the American Psychological Association’s report on anger. 

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    Yell as loud as you can. Do not resist the anger, do not try to suppress the feelings and relax. You only have so much anger, it will run out if you let it run it’s course. After you have yelled or stamped your feet for a minute, you will feel better. 

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