What are some natural products to help get rid of scars?



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    You can use many natural remedies to help get rid of scars.  One way is to use onions — onion extract is used in many of the topical medications given by doctors.  Simply cut a red or yellow onion in half and rub on the affected area daily.  You can also use raw honey to break down the building scar tissue. Use a towel with honey on it and apply to the area, rub, and let it sit for at least five minutes.  If you want to lessen the darkness of your scar, you can use lemon juice.  You can apply the lemon juice to a q-tip and use as needed.  Aloe is also a great way to help reduce the appearance of scars. The application of an aloe ointment will help soften the scar tissue so it can eventually break down. 

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    Massaging the scar with moisturizers increases blood flow to the area which speeds healing. This is one way to get rid of scars. 

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    Pure Vitamin E is also a great way to get rid of scars.  I have used this on scars up to 5 years old and I still noticed a difference.  I put it on my scar right before bed for about a month.  I’ve also read in some magazines that honey is a great way to get rid of scars, but I haven’t personally tried it.  Hope this helps!

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