What are some natural herbs that will help me sleep better?



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    Natural herbs that aid sleeping include melatonin, valerian root, hops, German chamomile, 5-htp, B-vitamins, St. John’s wort, vitamin c, lemon balm, zinc and magnesium.

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    In my opinion drinking any decaf tea or a type of tea called sleepy time tea will put you right to sleep. It is warm and doesn’t have any hint of caffeine to keep you up it is a great way to fall asleep without pills.

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    I drink chamomile tea or sleepytime tea before bed.  It’s a great way to wind down after a long day, and it’a an all natural way to help you sleep better. Many bedtime teas also have lemongrass and/or peppermint in them which also helps soothe the body and mind before sleep. 

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