What are some natural, healthy ways to wake up without drinking caffeine?



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    In my own experience, stretching followed by a balanced breakfast is a great way to wake up naturally. Getting the appropriate sugars and proteins at breakfast can give you energy all day. Starches as in potatoes can help you go without a crash longer. Stretching in the morning helps blood flow waking up your extremities. I’m sure there are other great ways to wake up also, but this has been very effective for me.

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    After you get over caffeine withdrawls your body will naturally wake up a little easier. Taking vitamins after breakfast is a great way to boost your energy. Vitamin B will give you the most energy. You can also find large amounts of Vitamin B in most berry juices.

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    Drinking a cold glass of water is helpful, or taking a shower. Doing something that makes you interested or happy first thing in the morning can also help. This may be doing a crossword puzzle, reading a blog, going for a walk, or gardening. If you want to be awake, it will be easier to do so. Also, make sure you’re getting enough sleep. If you’re not, you can’t expect to wake up in a healthy way!

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    The website I have listed below suggests some very cool, interesting and “natural” ways of waking up. Some of them are: breathing deeply, be grateful for not dying (check out the website and you will understand completely) and have something to be excited about, among others.

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    As far as beverages are concerned, once a person gives up coffee, a glass of juice, and the natural sugar contained within, can have the same effect as a caffeinated beverage in the morning.

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    I find that a quick bout of intense movement – jumping jacks, jogging in place, or my personal fail-safe, dancing to a favourite, upbeat song – always wakes me up fast. These also function as great study or work break refresher, and just a few minutes of moving around does the trick.

    If you’re looking for a drink to supplant your daily coffee, green tea is a possibility (it contains about half as much caffeine as coffee). According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, green tea is high in anti-oxidents, can help protect against numerous forms of cancer, lowers cholesterol, helps contain blood sugar levels, can boost metabolism and can prevent tooth decay.

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    Yoga is a great way to wake up in the morning; keeping your mind focused and being mindful of your breathing will help you wake up slowly. Also, hopping in the shower is guaranteed to wake you up- the colder the water, the quicker you’ll wake up (although it may be unpleasant at first). It’s important to make sure you’re getting enough sleep- if you’re constantly sleep deprived, it will be hard to wake up in the morning.

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    I personally like to talk a walk. I have a dog, so a morning walk (or if you’re up to it, run) helps both of us. I usually start out groggy and slow but by the time we get home my mind is working properly and I feel energized. Bringing music with me on these excursions helps, but I think going outside and breathing fresh air is a big part of it; once I actually leave my house and I’m out in the world I snap out of my morning fog pretty quickly.

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