What are some natural energy supplements?



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    Well, there are many supplements that have the word “natural” on their label, but that word is a deceptive one. Anyone can write “natural” and it does not actually pertain to any standard, as the FDA has no definition for it. “Healthy” and “Organic” are defined terms, brands that put those words on their label must meet certain standards to qualify as such. “Natural” is trickier, and there have been requests for the FDA to provide a set of criteria just to eliminate confusion. The FDA does goes as far as to object to foods claiming to be “natural” if they contain artificial colors, flavors, or synthetic ingredients. But otherwise “natural” is in the eye of the beholder. Do you mean organic? Do you mean sustainable? Which chemical processes are acceptable? It gets nit-picky out there…

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    In lieu of taking a supplement for energy, there are several different kinds of foods that you can snack on to help boost your energy for the day. They would probably be the most natural form of energy.

    Grab one of the following for a snack to keep you going through the day: oatmeal, bananas, orange juice, pasta, salmon, beans, dried fruit, almonds or yogurt.

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    Spirulina, a fresh water algae, is an excellent choice with a multitude of health benefits, including energy boosting. It is very high in protein (60%) and offers “a powerful combination of minerals, including iron, calcium, and magnesium, with a backup punch of all the vitamins…”For description of its beneficial effects and exact mineral composition see links:

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    Let me rephrase your question to something that I think would be more interesting: 

    How to naturally boost my energy?

    1. Move around. Dance, run.. get the blood moving, it might do the trick. Your cells will get more oxygen, which will perk you up.

    2. Stretch

    3. Drink Green tea. It has caffiene, L-theanine (for focus), and therophyllin (blood circulation and dialation of bronchial passages, so O2 can circulate better in your body). 

    4. Alfaalfa, chlorella, spirtulina and barley grass are high in chlorophyll

    5. Herbal adrenal support: sarsaparilla, licorice, astragalus, ginseng

    6. avoid highly processed, sugary foods. They will giveyou food comas and make you crash sooner than you would want. Eat a balance of protein, complex carbs and fat. Examples: apple with some peanut butter (1 Tablespoon), Yougurt iwth berries, whole grain toast with a little cheese.

    7. MINT!! really, drink mint tea, eat a peppermint, even put on peppermint lotion… smelling mint stimulates a nerve in your brain, and injestion or chewing is more efective.

    8. Try a very cold shower. No matter how tired I am, a cold shower makes me more alert than a mongoose around a cobra.


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