What are some natural drugs used to fight diseases?



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    It depends on the disease.  Natural remedies are known for a wide variety of health problems, from the common cold, to eczema to cancer; and they cover a wide range of methods, with herbal medicine likely being the most commonly known.  Typically, natural remedies rely on a holistic approach to healing, and are frequently more aimed at preventative measures than at cures.  This means that, above all, proponents of natural medicine promote a healthy, balanced diet, likely consisting of organic foods, as well as a healthy, balanced lifestyle (which includes exercise to ensure bodily wellness, as well as activities to promote spiritual or mental well being). 

    When these practices fail, and an individual becomes ill, the solution frequently revolves around identifying an imbalance or defficiency in the individual’s life, and correcting it with remedies derived from natural sources.  Some of the most common sources for curing ailments come from everyday foods or flavorings. 

    Garlic, for example, is something of an herbal wonder drug, and is recommended for a wide range of ailments, including fungal, bacterial and viral infections, high cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, asthma and cancer. 

    Organic raw milk is another commonly named cure-all.  Proponents claim it boosts the immune system, fight pathogens and protect against cancer.

    There are many books and websites devoted to providing recipes and regiments for the treatment of specific diseases.  I have provided two links below to a few comprehensive websites.

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