What are some native birds in Hawaii?



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    Hawaii has quite a few native birds.  There is the Nene, Hawaii Creeper, Akepa, Palila, and many more.  There were over 150 native bird species in Hawaii.  Today some of these are extinct and many are endangered.  There are also a number of introduced species that pose a threat to native populations.

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    The nene goose, akepa, and apapane are some native birds to Hawaii. To find out more about them and other native birds, visit the links below.

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    Some native Hawaiin birds are the Akiapolaau, the Amakihi, the Apapane, the Hawaii Elepaio, the Hawaii Creeper, the I’iwi, the Omao, the Akepa, the Nene, and the Palila. Sadly, many of Hawaii’s native birds are endangered due to competition for food from a non-native bird that was introduced by humans in 1929.

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