What are some music artists that try and have eco friendly concerts?



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    Well I know it is a little off topic, but the music festival Cachella always tries to be very green. So any artist that takes part in that contributes. 

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    There are many bands who are now using biodiesel tour buses and vans while touring around the country like the British band Gomez. At the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago last summer, fans could turn cups and bottles into recycling centers for tickets for food and drinks. at Bonnroo festival in Tennessee one of the stages was run entirely on solar power. At the Vans Wraped Tour last summer, they used low admissions trucked and all recycled products. So it seems that individual bands are trying to do their part and then large festivals are doing theirs. 

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    Jack Johson has been an environmental advocate and always concious of his impact as a travelling artist. His website has a section dedicated to “greening” where facts and facts are listed on how he has toured and performed in the greenest ways. He powers his buses, coaches and generators with bio diesel and pushes for recycling at his venues. He also offsets his C02 emissions and is striving to be 100% carbon neutral. His newest record was recorded with 100% solar energy and is printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper. He also donates thousands of dollars to non-profit environmental groups each year. His 2010 tour will continue to set the stage and be an example for other artists to engage in green touring practices.

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    Radiohead is a very conscientious band that commits to a moral responsibility for the planet.  They use metal flasks instead of bottled water and disposable cups, and all of their transportation vehicles use biodiesel.

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    The Dave Matthews Band helps fun wind turbine projects and tree planting in order to offset the CO2 emitted during their tours.  I think that’s pretty amazing!

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    Definitely Jack Johnson. Besides having songs dedicated to the environment (“Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”), Johnson recorded his last album using 100% solar energy and built his recording studio Brushfire Records using natural lighting and old denim jeans. During his 2010 world tour Johnson donated 100% of the tour’s profit to charity. Johnson is definitely one of the main leaders of musicians having eco-friendly concerts. Also, the Coachella festival since 2007, has partnered up with Global Inheritance to create the Carpoolchella where groups of people who carpool together may have the opportunity to win VIP tickets for life.

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    Willie Nelson has his own type of bio-fuel! BioWillie. I read at http://www.grist.com that Bonnie Raitt was arrested twice for protesting the destruction of ancient forests. That website has a list of the top 15 most environmentally conscious artists.

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