What are some of the most recent species that have gone extinct?



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    Although scientists may not be able to definitively say that a species is extinct until 50 or more years have passed since the last sighting, they have reported several likely extinctions in the past decade. These include the:

    *Western black rhinoceros of Africa

    *Baiji dolphin of the Yangtze River, China

    *Kihansi spray toad of Tanzania

    *European land leech

    *Panamanian golden frog

    *St. Helena olive tree

    *Eastern cougar of the Eastern U.S.

    *’Alala crow of Hawaii 

    Some of these species, like the Kihansi spray toad and the‘Alala, still exist in captivity, but reintroduction to the natural environment may not be possible or successful.

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    As of 2009, the Thylacine (aka the Tasmanian Tiger) became extinct due to hunting and their massive loss of their habitat.  The Golden Toad, which used to live in Costa Rica, is also a recent species that has become extinct.  The Pyrenean Ibex and Baiji River Dolphin unfortunately make this list as well.

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