What are some of the most humid cities in America?



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    Some of the most humid cities lie in the deep south as well as the midwestern United States. But surprisingly, the most humid city is actually Quillayute, Washington which is located in a rainforest. This city also gets some of the most rainfall per year as well!!

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    I agree that most of the humid cities are in the southeast. From Texas through Virginia. The humidity is so high, that you are sticky and hot throughout the summer. That’s why I love arizona, it’s a dry heat. 

    “Forks, Washington takes the crown for most humid city, averaging 83 percent. Olympia is right behind with an average 78 percent. Then, more logical answers like Port Arthur, Texas (77.5%) and Lake Charles, Louisiana (77%) dot the list.”

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    You might not think so if you’re unfamiliar with the area, but Kansas is an extremely humid state, making the summers very hot and the winters very cold. Therefore, Kansas City has got to be one of the most humid cities in the country. One source I found says KC averages a humidity of 81% annually. Check out this goverment site, which lists the humidities of several cities (below).

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