What are some of the most fished rivers and lakes in America?



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    The Great Lakes has had to deal with the consequences of overfishing for a while. Overfishing was cited as responsible for the decline of the population of various whitefish. Between 1879 and 1899, reported whitefish harvests declined from some 24.3 million pounds (11 million kg) to just over 9 million pounds (4 million kg). Recorded sturgeon catches fell from 7.8 million pounds (1.5 million kg) in 1879 to 1.7 million pounds (770,000 kg) in 1899. The population of giant freshwater mussels was eliminated as the mussels were harvested for use as buttons by early Great Lakes entrepreneurs.

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    I fished on the Sacramento river a lot with my dad, we went fly fishing.

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