What are some of the most famous lighthouses in America?



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    There are many famous lighthouses in America. America’s first lighthouse was Boston Lighthouse, built on Little Brewster Island in 1716, has a long and exciting history. Many more can be found at the following website:

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    I grew up near the Sandy Hook Lighthouse in New Jersey. It is the oldest lighthouse in America and it is special because it was the first thing many people saw of America when approaching New York Harbor. It went into service in 1764.

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    Boston Lighthouse is America’s first lighthouse. It was built in Little Brewster Island on 1716. “Boston Lighthouse was rebuilt shortly afterward and still stands today on a very dangerous strip of coastline so beset by fog that one particularly dense area is called the Ghost Walk. Its light was extinguished during WWII but burns today with 1,800,000 candlepower that is visible for sixteen miles.”

    The Cape Florida lighthouse is also quite famous for guiding mariners through the dangerous Florida Reed and into Cape Florida Channel. The Spectacle Reef Lighthouse in Michigan is also considered the loneliest lighthouse in America. It is located 1,012 miles away from the nearest land and surrounded much of the year by ice.

    Information on other famous lighthouses in America are available in the link below.

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