What are some of the most environmentally friendly cities in the states?



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    Across the US more and more cities are taking step to becoming more green. Here are some of the frontrunners;

    1. Austin, Texas- Has plans to make 20% of the cities power supplied by solar and other renewable energy sources.

    2. Charlottesville, Virginia- has adopted an Environmental Sustainability policy to help focus on alternative fuels, water quality, and storm water usage.

    3. Eugene, Oregon- On top of being located in the lush northwestern part of the United States, this city also gets 85% of its power from hydroelectric and wind sources.

    4. Denver, Colorado- A city that has always made an effort to be green, they also have the largest amount of hybrid vehicles in the nation.

    5. Berkeley, California- A city home to many environmental enthusiasts, they have a plethora of community gardens, parks, and environmental activism. This city also has a high use of public transportation.

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    Some more cities are Portland, OR, San Francisco, Seattle, and Chicago. 

    Portland was ranked the second greenest city in the world, thanks to its role as the first American city with a CO2 reduction plan, as well as its green building initiatives, bike friendliness, public transportation, and green space.

    San Francisco also has an incredible public transit system and loads of green space, and has also banned non-recylcable plastic bags among many other green initiatives.

    Seattle is one of the country’s leading cities in working to meet the Kyoto Protocol’s CO2 reduction goal, and is a bike-friendly city whose public transit is starting to boast biodiesel and hybrid buses.

    Chicago has more than 2 million square feet of rooftop gardens, and prides itself on its clean energy driven municipal buildings.

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