What are some of the most dangerous household items for children?



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    In 2009, the New York Daily News published a list of the 10 most hazardous household items, citing that over 2,000 pediatric deaths occur because of injury in the home. According to the list, the number one most dangerous item is a cord, which can cause strangulation. Cords of all kinds—on window blinds, electricity cords, strings, straps, and any other kind of cord longer than 7 inches—are a hazard to children, especially those under 4 who are particularly susceptible to strangulation. After cords, bathtubs, toys, dressers and other furniture, windows, cribs and crib bedding, exercise equipment, stoves, medicines, vitamins, and pills, and cleaning supplies round out the list.

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    Cleaning supplies are extremely hazardous, not just for children’s health, but yours.  If you want a green alternative to dangerous chemical cleaners, try Better Life’s line of products, designed by a couple of chemists who are also concerned dads. They’re 100% non toxic, and work great, too!

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    When it comes to children, it is astounding how many products can be hazardous. It’s more about the child’s lack of knowledge of how products work that makes them hazardous or not. For example, if you explain to a child that hairspray is to spray in your hair and not in your mouth or eyes, they will be much more likely do the former.

    Informing children of the proper usages of hazardous products can significantly decrease fatalaccidents from occuring. That way, you can relax and not feel guilty about having cleaning products around.

    Of course, it is also a good idea to keep medicines in places children cannot reach them, same with cleaning supplies, etc.

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    Also of note are plastic bags and bins, as well as electrical outlets and large stereo equipment (anything large and moveable really).

    According to above answers, it seems poisons are the most threatening, and I would definately agree! Many children and toddlers display behavior of putting non-food things in their mouth. If you have a child who displays this, it is important to consider this behovior in child-proofing your home.

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    One household item that recently came to my attention:  hot water.  If you have young children in your home I suggest turning your hot water heater down to about 120 F.  You will save energy and your children will be less likely to get scalded!

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    Flat screen tvs with small unstable mounts can be terribly dangerous for children because they are fairly easy (but very heavy) to pull down on themselves. 17,000 children went to the emergency room in 2007 after pulling heavy objects down. 

    Children can also hurt themselves by pulling burning pans off stoves and even heavy christmas stocking hooks off and onto themselves.

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