What are some of the most damaging things we do to the environment?



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    Well, that is a long list. First off, oil spills, nuclear waste, landfills, garbage that makes it’s way out into the ocean (literally forming an island), ewaste, building cities pretty much eliminates any remnants of the environment in that area, destroying the rainforest, over fishing from the oceans, pollution from cars, factories, etc. 

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    I agree, it is hard to think of something that we do that doesn’t hurt the environment. We take materials from the environment that needs to stay there, like the rainforest’s, and turn them into things that are bad for the planet, like all of our waste. On top of that, we try to put the waste back into the environment, which ends up hurting it even more.  

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    Mountain top removal is one of the more damaging practices done to the environment. Mountain top removal devastates and can completely destroy ecosystems transform biologically diverse ecosystems to areas that cannot support life. First forests are clear cut and wildlife is destroyed and removed. Second explosives blast off the tops of the mountains to get to the material to be mined. As giant machines scoop out the coal, millions of tons of “overburden” spills into the nearby valleys. The mine sites and then abandoned and left stripped and bare. Dangerous coal slurry mixed with other heavy metals pollute the surrounding areas of what used to be headwaters. Water supplies are contaminated for miles.

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    I agree with everyone; these are all terrible things.

    When compared to how nature handles non-biodegradable products (Styrofoam), these acts, i.e., oil spills and radiation leaks, are handled relatively quickly. Styrofoam never biodegrades. I believe throwing away non-biodegradable products and even producing them is the worst thing we can do to the environment.

    Biodegradable products have a negative impact, as well; and can take extensive amounts of time to decompose. Plastics can take hundreds of years to biodegrade, glass up to 1,000,000. Our waste impacts every crevice on the planet, every ecosystem, plant and animal life, too.

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