What are some of the more outrageous geoengineering ideas you have heard of?



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    Geoengineering, in general, is considered to be crazy to many people. Some ideas include developing machines that can suck up carbon dioxide from the atmosphere to keep climate change in check. Another idea is to purposely increase populations of plankton in the ocean, which would also absorb carbon. Another outrageous idea is to “return America to nature” by completely eliminating civilization and industrial activities.

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    Geoengineering entails going to great lengths to check climate change. Some of the zanier ideas I’ve heard of involve launching reflective disks into space, and whitening clouds. Some scientists also want to deposit tiny particles, such as of sulphur dioxide, in the atmosphere using jumbo jets. This action would supposedly reflect sunlight, decreasing global warming. If you ask me, it’s either brilliance or insanity. Maybe both.

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    The craziest geoengineering idea I’ve heard of is the plan to create forests in deserts like the Sahara and tundras in Siberia. This is supposedly a measure that will curb the effects of global warming, but it seems like this would have way too radical of an effect on the ecosystems already in place.

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    I’ve heard some pretty outlandish ideas. Around 2006, scientists proposed releasing sulfur into the atmosphere to mimic the cooling effects of volcanic eruptions. This, however, would be a short term fix since sulfur lingers for only a short time in the atmosphere. Apparently, another proposal involves a shield orbiting Earth which would block excess sun rays and cool the planet.

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