What are some of the more harmful aspects of renewable energy?



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    The biggest problem that comes to mind is the potential to kill wildlife. This is primarily the problem for windmills and dams. In order to overcome the problems with dams, people are constructing elaborate devices that can help fish move around dams. However, the solution is not so easy for windmills. The best we can do for wind turbines is to move them to places where birds do not often fly.

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    There are many different types of renewable energy, and each of them has their own unique safety concerns.  One of the main downfalls of renewable energy sources is the amount of space they take up and their impact on wildlife — wind farms, solar panels, and biofuel crops, for example, all take up a lot of space, which means that natural habitats will likely be disrupted.  Biofuel farms, in particular, rely on monoculture, just like many conventional farms, and thus they threaten biodiversity. 

    The loss of land space by wind farms can be minimized by planting crops among the turbines (since most of the ground space in between turbines is perfectly usable), however, in the process of clearing land for wind turbines, much natural habitat can be lost.  Wind turbines have also been shown to be dangerous to birds. 

    Water-based power sources can also take up a lot of space, both on land and under water, and thus can negatively affect land and marine life.

    While geothermal plants don’t take up a lot of space, they will likely require extensive transmission systems, since the plants will have to be located in remote areas.  There is also some risk of toxic gases being released from below the Earth’s surface.

    Another concern associated with solar panels is the dangerous materials used to make them, which raises questions about how to dispose of them.

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