What are some of the more creative ways we are getting rid of excess carbon?



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    I think that one of the most creative ways that we have been going about reducing our carbon footprint includes reusing. There are so many great ways to reuse products, and we’re really starting to get creative about this. For instance, I’ve heard of plastic silverware being used as plant markers. This web site gives 50 fun and creative ways to reduce a person’s carbon footprint: http://www.jayandjulieonline.com/Commentaries/ReduceYourCarbonFootprint.htm

    Another creative way that we are getting rid of out excess carbon is through businesses. People know that many are motivated by money, so they’ve turned getting rid of carbon into a business. People can now buy carbon credits to offset the greenhouse gases that they produce each year. This is certainly a creative idea for those who have been able to turn it into a successful business or nonprofit.

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