What are some methods of composting?



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    I have found that using a water proof container is step 1.

    2. depending on the size of the container fill with soil, old fruit, and vegetable scraps

    3. even now and than add water

    4. if you can turn the soil at least twice a week 

    5. add earth worms i.e. nightcrawlers

    6. repeat steps 2-4 and add earth warms every other month

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    1. Compost pile/Heap. A hill which doesn’t require turning (recommended though) and is very easy to maintain. It takes a very long time for decomposition.

    2. Holding Unit – another easy way of composting, and requires a “hold container, which may be on the ground or suspended.

    3. Turning Unit – designed for great aeration by allowing turning. Since bacteria need oxygen, this method proves to be faster. The temperature inside (90-140 F) kills weeds, disease and larvae of bugs.

    4. Sheet composting – not so sure about this one, but it involves a thin layer of organic material that is then incorporated into the soil via hoe, spade, pitch fork or rotary tiller. Ready in a matter of weeks or may take a season, depending on conditions.

    5. Pit or Trench composting – simplest way and can be really cool. The English system has three season rotation/soil incorporation to yield an very effective and cool growth season.

    Check the link below for further details about this and the other methods.

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