What are some medicines that humans get from the rainforests?



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    The rainforest has many different plants that can be used as herbal medicines. Some of the most important medicines come from the Amazon. They have been used for hundreds and hundreds of years. These plants can be deadly if taken in large doses, but in small doses they can be very helpful. They can be used to cure headaches, skin irritation, high blood pressures, and many other diseases. Here are some of them:

    • white trillium- if you chew the petals can cure a snake bite.
    • Cinchona Tree- you can make Quinine from the bark, a medicine that helps treat Malaria, a serious disease.
    • Foxglove-The leaves of this plant contain digitalis, a substance used to treat heart problems.
    • opium poppy- used to make Morphine and Codeine, two drugs that are used as painkillers. 
    • Buttercups– used to help mask or relieve pain and treat skin irritations
    • More than 2/3rd’s of the medicine used to treat cancer can be found in the rainforrest.
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    Approximately one quarter of the world’s medications are in some way derived from rainforest plants. Relative to the huge amount of species available, few have been scientifically tested for medicinal value, but there are still many plants that are well-known herbal remedies. Some examples are:

    • Saw Palmetto, used to treat urinary issues.
    • Valerian, a sedative / sleeping aid.
    • Hawthorn, used to treat heart failure.
    • Eggplant extract, used to treat skin cancer and other skin conditions.
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    Rainforests worldwide are also the source of plants that can be developed into drugs that may treat or prevent diseases like AIDS and HIV. Ancistrocladus is a vine found in Cameroon that is used to make the effective anti-HIV drug  Michellamine B. Plants that may help fight AIDS have also been found in Indonesia and Australia. Taxol is an approved ovarian cancer drug derived from the Pacific yew tree.



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