What are some measures Google has taken to protect the environment?



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    To date, Google has invested over $100 million in the clean energy sector.  Google has made investments in various innovative clean technology companies including eSolar Inc., AltaRock Energy, Inc, Potter Drilling and others.  Google also has a team of engineers doing research and development through our RE<C initiative aimed at creating utility-scale renewable electricity that is cheaper than coal.

    The Google Earth Engine has combined efforts with scientists and researchers to help monitor and stop deforestation.  Even their company policies dictate environment safety.  Their data centers are among the most efficient in the world, using 50% less energy than typical data centers.  Google’s buildings meet LEED certification and strive to be as energy efficient as possible.  Even their cafeterias serve local and organic produce.  Google also claims that for whatever environmental harm they cannot avoid, they invest in carbon offsets to combat their damage.

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