what are some mattress companies that I can buy a mattress that is good for the environment from?



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    Keetsa is a great company with a lot of different styles of eco friendly mattresses. Pretty much whatever you are looking for they will have.

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    The Natural Sleep Store has organic mattresses and it has bedding, bed frames, and baby cribs. The website looks like it is has quite a few options. Hope this helps.

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    Green for Bedroom and Baby in Thousand Oaks, CA sells a wide variety of organic mattresses and bedding.  I want an organic bed now!

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    An excellent company is Flobeds. I have slept on them myself and know that they are comfortable. They are made with 100% natural latex, directly from the rubber tree. The cotton used is 100% organic, so there weren’t any herbicides used. Even the wool they use is considered organic. The sheep they use live outside all year round and are not exposed to herbicides or pesticides.

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